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Being inclusive


I love how a range of brands are becoming more inclusive, recognising that their customers are not as homogenous as traditional advertisers would have us believe.

It is exciting that we now have labels that produce plus size ranges alongside beauty companies that cater to a diverse range of skin tones and ethnicities. 

We are now finally also seeing advertisements that reflect real-world diversity. I love the Lonely Lingerie's "Lonely Girls", they reflect everyone: young, older, tattooed, bare-skinned, larger and smaller and a range of ethnicities. Similarly, Glossier's Body Hero campaign encourages women of all sizes to enhance their beauty not hide it. Lately, we have also seen a slew of advertisements featuring same-sex couples, those ads wouldn’t have been shown a decade ago.

Hopefully, this new inclusive approach to advertising will take hold and spread and things will change for those men and women who almost never see themselves reflected in magazines, billboards or on television.

Velettà aims to be as inclusive as possible. That is why Velettà is both vegan and Halal-certified – I want everyone to feel like Velettà skincare is made for them, and everyone should feel that because it is. Velettà's advertising will continue to show women of all ages and ethnicities because it is important that every woman should feel reflected in the advertisements they see.

I love that the beauty world is becoming more accepting of difference and more likely to embrace a myriad of beauty ideals. Velettà will be doing its bit.

27 May 2018

Velettà skincare