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The Latest European Beauty Trends


It’s no secret that Europe is where a lot of beauty trends originate each year. It’s also where many hallmarks in the industry look for inspiration, using it as the gold standard of beauty.

With the world moving in a more sustainable direction, let’s take a look at what the latest European beauty trends are.

Skin Microbiome

Firstly, what is skin microbiome? This refers to the unique microorganisms that can be found in our skin. This complex, living system is made up of both good and bad bacteria.

External factors often influence the balance of your skin’s microbiome. This can be anything from stress and sun to pollution and dirt. With more and more focus being on the environment and the beauty industry moving towards a space of sustainability, the spotlight is shining on the skin microbiome, and how the skincare products we use every day can preserve this.

This latest European beauty trend is going to see skincare brands include more and more probiotics in their cosmetics and beauty products, with the ultimate goal of reducing the effects of pollution on our skin.

Water Reduction

Your daily skincare regime relies on one significant element to occur: water. You can’t shave, dye, cleanse, scrub, or wash your skin without it.

However, Europe is moving towards a more sustainable trend in skincare in general, and this includes thinking about how much water we use when we take care of our skin.

As a result, we're expecting to see a shift towards beauty companies in the industry, thinking about how we can take care of our skin while being economical with our water use at the same time.

Beauty and Health Won’t be Mutually Exclusive

While health has been a continued focus that has transcended many different industries, including the beauty industry, there are still many examples of it being left out when it comes to beauty. Remember the classic adage, 'beauty is pain'?

Well, it seems that Europe is moving away from any kind of health sacrifice and embracing it instead.

The future of beauty looks like a further blurring of the lines between health and beauty. It’s less about focusing on what we’re putting on our skin, and more thinking about what we’re putting into our bodies that has led to these two hot topics going hand in hand.

As consumers, we’re a lot more conscious of the connection between being healthy and beautiful. With this kind of demand, we can expect to see a lot of major cosmetics companies try to find a middle ground between the two.

The Latest Beauty Trends

As you look to the future of the latest European beauty trends, you can also get excited about the idea that there are plenty of innovative, 100% natural skincare products available now to both nourish and preserve your skin.

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27 October 2019