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Wellness Trends for 2021


We think it's safe to say that everyone is glad that 2020 is over. With the COVID pandemic came extreme disruption to routines, and many people started to work from home and homeschool their children. This meant that people were able to save time during the day on commuting to their job, that they could put into what was going on in their home life. However, as time has gone on, many of us became jaded, and ready for a new start in 2021.

There are also many people out there that are just now noticing the negative effects of lockdown on their health, both physically and mentally. With everyone being told to wash their hands, wear a mask, and social distance, wellness is a big theme of 2021, as we look to the future and think about how we can take care of ourselves holistically. Not only should we prioritize our mental health, but we should also prioritize our physical health, even with the current limitations in place.

With all of this in mind, let's talk about what we think are the wellness trends predicted for 2021, so that you can start to focus more on your health no matter what circumstances you might find yourself in.

  1. Touchless Beauty Therapy

In some countries the days where you could visit your local beauty therapist for a massage are long gone. Because of COVID, high touch services like massages are a real issue, and these days are almost nonexistent, unless you are getting one from a family member at home.

However, touch is still an important aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to our mental health and well-being. This is why it's important not only to think ahead in terms of no-touch services, but to think how we can still fulfill the needs of people's mental health and well-being without violating social distancing rules.

Touchless services like compression therapy, salt caves, and float tanks offer a way for people to recover and relax from the stressful year they’ve had, without having to come into contact with people. As we battle with the balance between touch and no touch, services like this will become more relevant.

  1. Virtual Fitness

When the COVID pandemic hit, everything was shut down, including gyms. In fact, gyms were one of the first things to be shut down, and in many parts of the states there are still social distancing rules in place which make it pretty difficult to get visit one without a face mask and limited capacity.

During the global lockdowns, virtual fitness became popular, and we think that it's here to stay in 2021. Because we were all stuck inside and only allowed outside at a limited level, we had to think outside the box, and figure out a way to maintain our physical health while still at home.

Enter the virtual fitness program. Not only are there thousands of fitness classes that you can take online for free, but gyms have seen this opportunity to get around still being closed. A lot of gyms have continued to connect with their clients through virtual fitness classes, and people are continuing to see their personal trainers online.

  1. Workouts are all About Efficiency

Yes, we can still all get outside, and it's important that we get enough sunlight every day. However, with the kids at home needing to do school right now, and your full-time job calling your name, you've got very little time left for yourself, let alone keeping on top of your physical health.

This is why workouts have not only become virtual, but they have become efficient. None of us really have the time anymore to go for an hour-long walk or run; instead, we've got to find bite-sized moments during the day to get our fitness in.

This is why HIIT workouts have become so popular recently, as well as online fitness classes that are half an hour long or less. Whether it is yoga, Pilates, or high intensity cardio training, there are many ways that you can keep your workout short and sweet, while getting what you need out of it still. We believe that this is another wellness trend that is here to stay in 2021.

  1. Skincare is all About Restoration

Of course, everyone has their preferences in terms of what they choose to put on their face. When it comes to your skin care routine, you might have once prioritized the aesthetic side of things a bit more. However, we've all had to go through a year of wearing masks whenever we've been outside, and this has had an adverse effect on the condition of our skin.

We think that when it comes to wellness trends, the focus is so much more on restoration than maintenance right now. There's a good chance that your skin will be dry, have breakouts, or is producing too much oil. While there are always other factors to consider, a big part of this will be the fact that you've had to wear a mask for a long amount of time.

Having material like this on your face all day means that 2021 is all about taking care of your skin, and keeping it nourished and hydrated. There's no telling how long we will have to abide by the current mask rules, so helping our skin breathe through the protective material is going to be an important part of the coming year.

Look After Yourself

Here at Velettá, we believe that skin care is all about taking care of yourself and staying healthy on the inside and outside. Velettá is a 100% natural, plant-based, cruelty-free, New Zealand-made skin care range that sources premium ingredients from native plants. Our goal with our skin care range is to provide our clients with a holistic approach to Wellness, so that they can look great on the outside and feel really good on the inside as well. Treat your skin at the end of a long day of wearing a mask with our Purifying Mask, and don’t forget to apply our Nourishing Moisturizer before you go to bed. With 2020 behind us, now is the chance to take care of our health and maintain a good level of wellness in 2021.