How to Fight Free Radicals

How to fight free radicals

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What are free radicals?

Free radicals are produced by normal metabolic processes in the body. Essentially, oxygen within our bodies splits into atoms that have unpaired electrons. Electrons are co-dependent entities and their singular nature makes them unstable and reactive as they try to replace their missing electron by looking to steal electrons from healthy cells  

Stop thief

This electron theft is a process is called oxidation and can cause damage to the “donor” cell or result in its death. It can also cause a chain reaction: the first “donor” cell becomes a free radical once its electron has been stolen and then looks to the second donor cell, and so on.


Free radical damage is linked to a host of human diseases and is responsible for the premature signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydrated skin, sagging, dullness and sensitivity.

Making it worse

Free radicals can be generated by smoking, overexposure to UV rays, poor diet, airborne pollutants and pesticides. This means that it is possible to limit free radical damage: all it takes is to wear an effective SPF each day, to try and avoid pollution-rich locations, avoid toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol and by loading up with antioxidants.

 The cure 

Antioxidants are an antidote to free radicles. They work their magic by giving their extra electrons to the free radical giving it stability and neutralising it entirely,

The more antioxidants you have in your system, the less free radical damage will be caused.

We can get a huge number of antioxidants through our diet. Essentially a plant-dense diet filled with highly coloured fruit and vegetables is the key to an abundance of antioxidants.

 Daily Skincare

You are able to apply antioxidants topically targeting free radical damage on the skin. The Velettà range is replete with antioxidants including (but definitely not limited to) avocado oil, argan oil, marula oil, meadowfoam seed oil and frankincense. The antioxidants within our Velettà’s luxurious products help neutralise pollution, firm skin, brighten skin-tone and fight lines. Used daily this skincare will do wonders for your skin and will fight the bad guys.


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