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How to Get Glass Skin the Natural Way

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If you haven't heard the news yet, one of the latest beauty trends to gather momentum in the industry is 'glass skin.' Surprisingly, this newest trend actually comes from the Korean skincare industry, which is popularly known as K-beauty. According to the trend, glass skin is achieving a dewy, luminous look with your daily skincare routine, without any pores evident. Basically, you want to get your skin as smooth and as flawless as possible – just like glass.

The good news is, if you want to jump on the bandwagon and try this new trend out, you don’t have to go to extreme measures, or even take a trip to Korea. All you have to do is spruce up your daily skincare routine and find a natural way to create that glowy, dewy look.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how to get glass skin au natural.

Cleanse Once, and Then Another Time

If you’re hoping to achieve the poreless look, which is one of the most important parts of glass skin, then you need to put your time and attention into the cleansing part of your daily skincare regime. In saying this, though, you’ve got to tread carefully, because cleansing your face too much can strip it of its natural defenses.

Make sure that you use a hydrating cleanser, like Velettá’s Facial Cleansing Oil. Our Facial Cleanser naturally gets rid of any makeup while keeping your face nice and hydrated. The good news is that you can wash your face twice with our Facial Cleanser because it's not going to strip your skin of any naturally-occurring oils.

Use a Serum

If you want to keep that dewy look going all day, you need to use a serum that will tone, hydrate, and protect your skin from the outside environment. To even out your skin's tone and fill it with important fatty acids and minerals, try our Rejuvenating Oil after you’ve finished washing your face.

Remember, you don’t want to feed your skin anything that you wouldn’t be prepared to eat, so make sure that you stick with 100% natural products like the range here at Velettá.


Of course, even if you just want to come up with a new beauty routine for the day, you don't want to leave the house without moisturising your face and neck. Moisturizer is an essential step in the process of getting glass skin, too, because it sets hydration into your skin, preserving it throughout the day.

Even if you have oily skin and think that putting moisturiser on it will be too much, the irony is that you can actually cause your skin to become even oilier if you don’t use moisturiser. Again, make sure that the moisturiser you choose is made from 100% natural ingredients, like Velettá’s nourishing moisturiser.

Coating your face in artificial ingredients isn't going to help you achieve the glass skin look, so make sure that it's all-natural, healthy, and fair to your skin.

Protect it From the Sun

So, you've got your morning beauty routine down, and you're well on your way to getting glass skin. However, you can't leave the house without protecting it from the sun. While we've managed to lock in that all-important hydration, and ensured that it's clean enough to minimise pores, we also want to keep your skin away from the sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen on your face, neck, and ears before you venture out to honor all the hard work you've put into your skin.

Drink Enough Water

Here at Velettá, we believe in taking care of your skin from the inside out. We know that the choices that you make when it comes to diet and lifestyle have a direct impact on the condition of your skin, which is why we like to take a holistic approach. The last step to achieving glowing, glass skin is to make sure you get enough water to drink every day.

If you’re not getting enough water on the inside, it will show on the outside. Don’t worry, though – tea counts towards this, too. Just make sure that you’re keeping everything healthy from your skin to your mind, and your beauty will shine through whether you choose to try the latest beauty industry trend or not.

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