Spotlight on avocado oil

Spotlight on avocado oil

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Velettà’s Rejuvenating Oil, Cleansing Oil and Nourishing Moisturiser all boast the inclusion of avocado oil. 

Avocado oil does wonders for the skin. It is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E and is deeply penetrating (thanks to the high levels of oleic acid), delivering its nutrients deep into the dermis. It is hydrating and soothing. Put simply, avocado oil is a very effective moisturiser. 

Research shows that avocado oil can promote increased collagen synthesis and decrease the numbers of inflammatory cells during the wound-healing process which suggests that it is excellent for skin that is inflamed or otherwise requires additional nurturing. Furthermore, the high levels of the powerful antioxidants, vitamin E and plant polyphenols, protect your skin from oxidative damage.

It has also been shown that the beta-carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids, and vitamins in avocado oil protects skin from UV rays.

This vegan powerhouse oil also has skin brightening qualities. It is claimed that the fatty acids in avocado oil can reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage by inhibiting the production of the melanin pigment. Moreover, avocado oil has a high sterolins content (sterolins are a plant-based natural steroid) which triggers collagen production, therefore, healing scars and sun damage.   

It is also rich in chlorophyll (the pigment in green plants that helps transfer light into energy during photosynthesis) which is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. This means it can be enormously beneficial to those with acne. In that regard, people with oily skin or those that suffer from break-outs may feel avocado oil is not for them because it is a carrier oil that can feel somewhat thick. However, because Velettà mixes avocado oil with other finer textured oils and natural emulsifiers, our magical range is very light and perfect for all skin types.


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