Why we dont use propylene glycol

Spotlight on Ingredients #6: Why We Don’t Use Propylene Glycol

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Some natural beauty ingredients get more attention from the press than others.

Propylene Glycol is one of these. While it's likely to be safe to use on your skin, a lot of the time its adverse effects are highly exaggerated. This being said, it is still made from petrochemicals.

Let’s take a look at what Propylene Glycol is and what we use in its place in our skincare products.

What is Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is an ingredient in many hygiene products, as well as cosmetics. Both Europe and the U.S. have said that it is safe for use in both categories. However, it has received some negative press over the years, mainly because it’s also an ingredient in products like antifreeze.

Of course, this has led to concerns around its level of toxicity and how it affects us if we consume it in beauty products or food.

Propylene Glycol is often used in cosmetic products as either an antioxidant, a thickener, a texturiser or a moisture preserver.

What people are saying about it

There are many people in both the food and beauty industry that are concerned about the inclusion of Propylene Glycol. As we mentioned earlier, this is mainly due to the fact that it is an active ingredient in antifreeze. Naturally, this has sparked an uproar, especially when European countries started to pull certain alcoholic drinks  from the shelf due to health and safety concerns.

What people are most concerned about is just how prevalent this ingredient is in the food and beauty industries. However, due to more research now available, it is currently rated a 3 when it comes to being a health concern, which means that the actual risks it presents are quite low.

What is Propanediol?

While the current conclusion on Propylene Glycol is that it’s relatively safe for consumption and to be used in skincare products, we would rather be safe than sorry. This is why we choose to use Propanediol in our beauty range instead.

Propanediol is a common ingredient which you’ll find in many other skincare products in the beauty industry, including cleansers, and moisturizers, as well as other skin treatments. Chemically, it’s quite similar to Propylene Glycol – however, it is considered a safer option.

As it stands, Propanediol is approved for use in beauty products in Europe, Canada, and the United States. It is derived from corn, and it can help the absorption rate of other ingredients in our natural beauty range.

Why We Use an Alternative

We are passionate about promoting natural skincare through our vegan, New Zealand-made daily skincare products. This is why we choose to include Propanediol over Propylene Glycol because we believe that it is a safer option for you and your skin.

Our skincare range includes our Facial Cleansing Oil, a hydrating, nourishing plant-based formula that can provide relief from problem skin. We recommend following this up with our Veletta Facial Moisturiser, a hydrating, anti-ageing cream that is effective at combating dry skin. Check out the rest of our range today and see why we believe in keeping the ingredients in our products as natural as possible.



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