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Spotlight on Ingredients: Jasmine

Here at Velettá, we believe that it's essential to keep you up to date on what we use in our products, as well as what we don't use. We only use natural ingredients that promote your skin's health, just as mother nature intended. This is why we believe in sharing a spotlight on ingredients every month with you so that you can get to know Velettá better as a company, and understand what we stand for and continue to believe in. This month, we’re taking a look at jasmine, a natural ingredient that you’ll find in some of our products. Let’s dive in.

What is Jasmine Oil?

Jasmine oil is a naturally occurring essential oil that is derived from the flowers of the jasmine plant. It is used a lot in aromatherapy and has a naturally floral, sweet smell. Jasmine oil has many different health benefits that go beyond your skin, which we'll talk a little bit more about below.

Where Did Jasmine Oil Originate?

Jasmine oil is taken directly from the white flowers of the jasmine plant, and it is believed that this plant first starting showing up in Iran. These days, it can also be found in more tropical climates. As a plant and flower, Jasmine is known for its super sweet aroma, which is why it's been a popular ingredient in perfumes for centuries. You can also find jasmine oil in alcohol, sweet treats, and desserts.

What is Jasmine Used For?

Most commonly, jasmine has been used as an essential oil to help with things like improving mood and helping with depression. It promotes feelings of calm, positivity, and energy. It is also known for having antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which makes it an effective treatment for infections when used with a carrier oil. It can also be used in a warm bath to create a calming atmosphere.

Jasmine and Skin

So, how is jasmine good for your skin, and why have we included it in some of our products? Jasmine oil is excellent for irritated and dry skin. It’s also really good for those that suffer from eczema. Our skincare products that include jasmine can promote healing and restoration for your skin. Jasmine is also an excellent natural anti-aging property to include in skin care products as well. Jasmine can help to slow down the process of developing wrinkles, as it helps your skin to produce a healthy level of collagen.

It's an excellent moisturizer because its properties are so hydrating. Lastly, jasmine is great for sensitive skin because of its calming, soothing properties. This means that whatever issues you're having with your skin, and whatever skin type you are, jasmine can be beneficial.