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Spotlight on Ingredients: Meadowfoam Seed Oil

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 At Velettá, we believe not only in finding premium natural ingredients derived from Mother Nature, but we believe in combining them for the best results. This is why we carefully hand select all of our ingredients, and test them against one another, so that we can find the best combinations for your skin. We also want to make sure that we maintain a good line of communication with our clients and are upfront and honest about what is in our skin care. We are passionate about providing the best possible skin care out there, and we do this with the best ingredients. Today, we are going to talk about meadowfoam seed oil, and why we include it in some of our skin care range.

Meadowfoam seed oil is naturally extracted from a plant called Limnanthes Alba, which is native to both California and Oregon. When this plant is cold-pressed, it results in a light-yellow color that comes with a waxy texture. It is very close to the texture of jojoba oil and is well known for its antioxidant properties that can help to moisturize and soften the skin while restoring it at the same time.

In fact, meadowfoam seed oil can moisturizer your skin more effectively than a lot of other common oils because it is a stable oil. This means that it doesn't go rancid or oxidize easily and can be used as a carrier oil alongside other less consistent oils to prolong their life.

This is why meadowfoam seed oil is used commonly in a lot of different skin lotions. The plant that it is derived from is relatively easy to grow, and one of the main reasons why we include it in our skin care range is that it is extremely eco-friendly.

The Benefits of Meadowfoam Seed Oil

  • Great for Body Scrubs

Because meadowfoam seed oil is so stable, it is one of the best oils to use as a base for homemade body scrubs. All you will need to do is combine meadowfoam seed oil with coffee grounds or sugar and you've got yourself an effective, long-lasting body scrub that can take care of your skin.

  • Moisturises the Skin

We love using meadowfoam seed oil in our skin care range because it has excellent moisturizing properties that can help prevent losing moisture from the skin. If you are suffering from cracked and dry skin, then you can use meadowfoam seed oil to revitalize it. It is also capable of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

  • Absorbs Easily

Because meadowfoam seed oil contains long chain fatty acids, its qualities are a lot easier for your skin to absorb. When it is applied to the skin, it locks in the moisture and helps other ingredients that we include in our skin care range to absorb into the skin as well.

  • Great for Aging Skin

Because meadowfoam seed oil is known for having high amounts of antioxidants, it is easily absorbed into the skin, and is great for aging skin that often struggles to absorb other commonly used skin care oils. The antioxidants contained within meadowfoam seed oil penetrate the skin and slow the effects of aging. One of the best parts of this oil is that it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy, and it also eliminates the possibility of developing clogged pores and acne.

Velettá Only Uses the Best Ingredients

Here at Velettá, we are committed to only using the very best ingredients in our skin care, so that our clients can experience great skin for a long period of time. Velettá is a plant-based, 100% New Zealand-made, cruelty-free, nourishing, luxury skin care range that includes many different natural ingredients that we source from Mother Nature. Our ultimate goal is to connect our clients with sustainable, eco-friendly skin care that is going to maintain the health of your skin for a long time to come. To benefit from meadowfoam seed oil, check out our Rejuvenating Oil that you can apply both in the morning, and at night.

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