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The Best Home Gym Tips for a Better Workout

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 Something that lockdown has meant is that more of us are now at home with not a lot to do. If you're not currently working from home right now, you might be twiddling your thumbs, wondering how you're going to fill up your day. You're used to taking the kids to school, then heading to work, then back to school, then to the gym.

Now, though, we've all had to adapt to the 'new normal' and figure out how we can get most of our daily routine done from home. While you might be somewhere in the world where lockdown restrictions are easing, it's still nice to know that you can get a good workout from home if you need to. Let's take a look at the best home gym tips for a better workout.

  1. Make the Most of Digital

While there’s nothing quite like going to the gym and doing classes with your friends, digital workouts are at the forefront right now, and they can be really helpful if you have to complete your workout at home.

The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there to make sure that you can complete your usual workout routine, from specific websites devoted to fitness to YouTube tutorials.

  1. Get Jumping

There's nothing quite like stripping everything back to basics, and if you're at home with limited resources, this could be the best way of getting a workout routine in. The box jump is an excellent, effective indoor workout that combines balance, visualization, and power elements. It's a great way to make sure that your workouts can be high intensity with as little equipment as possible.

You don't even need a box to complete this workout – all you need is something stable enough to jump up on and then down again. You'll also be able to store it comfortably again so that it's not an eyesore.

  1. Make Sure You Have Good Airflow

One thing that you might not have thought of when thinking about completing your workout routine at home is how you’re going to get the airflow you need. If you don’t have A/C, then consider getting a fan that you can position, so you’re giving yourself the same cooling environment that you would get at the gym.

While you might be at home, there's still a chance of overheating and experiencing heat fatigue during your workout. Avoid this by making sure that you've still got the same level of airflow.

  1. Resistance Band

One of the latest fitness trends out there is the resistance band. Originally used by physiotherapists, they are now being used by anyone and everyone online in a fitness tutorial, and the best part is that this type of low maintenance equipment can make it that much easier to complete your workout routine from home.

They are super easy to use and can help with both contracting and explosive workouts. They are also great for stimulating your muscles, so try implementing this low maintenance piece of equipment into your regular exercises.

  1. Multitask

One thing that might be holding you back from working out from home is just how many things you have on your to-do list every day. If you’re always running around and trying to juggle more than one thing at the same time, then consider figuring out how you can implement your workout routine into your day without compromising on any other tasks.

If you want to follow a video tutorial online, consider doing it when the washing it on or right before you take a shower in the morning and get ready. If you cycle, try listening to that podcast or finishing that book you've been trying to get through while you do it. The best part of working out from home is that you can juggle it with other tasks.

  1. Try an Exercise Ball

Another great low maintenance piece of exercise equipment is an exercise ball. These are a great way to improve both your core muscle stability and posture while you sit down and work. If you’re someone who works from home, this could end up being a lifesaver.

You will also be able to find a plethora of exercise ball workouts online that can help you tighten your core and take care of your muscles.

  1. Use a Fitness App

Just because you are exercising from home now doesn't mean that you have to miss out on popular workout routines or nutritional advice. There are now many different types of fitness apps out there that can help guide you through the process of working out regularly from home and eating well – it all comes down to what you're trying to achieve.

There are apps out there that focus particularly on nutrition, while there are other options that balance nutrition out with exercise. Find the right one for you, and see the difference that it can make to your daily workout plan.

Taking Care of Your Body Holistically

Velettá is a company that knows all about what it means to take care of your body holistically. We are firm believers in everything being interconnected, which means that when you take care of your body through exercise, you’re also taking care of your mind, your skin, and what’s on the inside as well.

There’s nothing more important than maintaining a holistic approach to health, which is why we do what we do. Velettá is a 100% natural, New Zealand based, vegan, cruelty-free daily skincare range that offers you some of the best natural ingredients that mother nature has to offer. When you are working out regularly, you need to make sure that you take care of your skin so that it doesn't get too oily or too dry.

For an after workout nourishing treat for your skin, use our moisturizer that can penetrate deep beneath the outer layers of the skin without compromising the natural oil that your body produces. Once a week or so, preserve your skin with our Purifying Mask that will remove any impurities and exfoliate so that sweat doesn't get trapped when you work out. When you take care of every aspect of your health, your body will thank you for it. 

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