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Posted by Phil Houghton on

I have been using the Veletta skincare range for 6 weeks now and I have to say, I am converted to this oil-based range.  

I particularly love the oil-based cleanser, the scent is mild and divine and you only need a little to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup, including my liquid eyeliner and two layers of mascara.

The rich, Rejuvenating Oil for moisturising was perfect for the night but equally good during the day.  I did not find it hard to apply foundation over this oil as it was easily absorbed and gave my skin a dewy texture.  By the end of the 6 weeks, I stopped wearing my heavier foundation and switched to a BB Cream as I had more confidence that my skin looked better and I wanted to show it off!

I used the Purifying Mask in the shower as I found it was easier to apply and remove as part of my morning routine, it also meant that my makeup was extra smooth, as it acts as an exfoliant and sloughs off any dry skin or roughness.

I only used the Nourishing Moisturiser cream if I felt I needed a little more moisture occasionally – it felt light and it absorbed easily.

In summary, amazing.  Truly.  I think it is the best skincare range I have ever used.  And I have spent many years and many more dollars looking for something like this. 


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