Velettà has had a huge impact on my skin

Velettà has had a huge impact on my skin

Posted by Phil Houghton on

I’m an avid lover and user of the Velettà Skincare Range.

This range has most definitely had a hugely positive impact on the overall condition of my skin. I have always suffered from sebum but now after using Velettà, this is no longer a problem. In fact, the products have helped minimize the size of my pores which so many other products have promised and certainly not delivered.

My skin tone is much more even and being very fair trust me the difference is quite dramatic. My skin has always been quite dehydrated this is no longer an issue. My skin is feeling fabulously nourished and supple.

 The Rejuvenating Oil is a complete skin elixir that I could now not be without.

 The Purifying Mask is the most incredible product ever. And I am convinced that it works better than micro-dermabrasion without been at all harsh on my face. I’m always in disbelief at how fantastic my skin looks and feels after I use the mask. I love how it froths up as you can actually see the ingredients working their magic. I can't rave enough about the mask it is.


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