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Its perfect

I was simply looking for a brand of skincare that used glass packaging, and I found Veletta!  What a revelation this has been for me.  I will never use anything else.  My skin feels fabulous, hydrated and soft.  The fragrances are divine, there is nothing else I need for my skin.  Perfect, thanks Veletta!   

I will never touch another brand again

I have just finished a cleansing regime before going to bed and simply had to let you know that I will never buy another brand again.

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I am converted

I think it is the best skincare range I have ever used. And I have spent many years and many more dollars looking for something like this.

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What beautiful products

What beautiful products: they smell of joy and my skin has never looked or felt better. I am using the Cleansing and Rejuvenating Oils: I am a fan! I also love the website and the Instagram posts are a highlight.


My skin is fuller, fresh and almost glowing

I totally recommend Velettà to anyone who may have sensitive skin, that needs a caring and complete skincare product

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The best I have used.

These oils are the best I have ever used on my face. I love Velettà.

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It works like magic

I find the Mask easy and simple to use.  After applying it and allowing to work its magic, my skin feels like it all the dirt and blocked pores are clear and I have a sense of a deep clean.  It is an earthy vibe and relaxing experience.

The Rejuvenating Oil is simply fabulous. It has a long-lasting effect that makes your skin have a healthy glow too. Very effective after having a shower.

Using the Nourishing Moisturiser after the rejuvenating Oil was a brilliant enhancer, giving a longer lasting feeling of softer skin.


Loved it all

All I can say is   .......  Love, love, love!!! Loved it all. Velettà certainly lives up to what I expect from skincare products:

Dryness - Tick; Hydration - Tick; Moisture - Tick; Aging - Tick


These oils are a revelation

I admit to having tried many top end brands through to cider vinegar as my toner and organic coconut oil as my moisturizer. The Rejuvenating Oil and Nourishing Moisturiser are a revelation. They absorbed really well and leave my skin feeling soft and maintained. The Cleansing Oil works really well in tandem as it did n’t dry my skin out, could leave it at that for the night.


Velettà has had a huge impact on my skin

This range has most definitely had a hugely positive impact on the overall condition of my skin

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It feels like a luxury to put it on

The scent of the oils are heavenly and relaxing.  

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I am very pleased with my purchases

I am very pleased with my two purchases from Velettà.

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Velettà is divine and dreamy

I recently ordered the gorgeously packaged Velettà Rejuvenating Oil and it is just that.  A truly divine and dreamy product that feels so lovely on my skin.  Furthermore, the scent is simply beautiful.  I will definitely be reordering this exquisite oil again, along with trying out something new. 

Fantastic for mature skin

With Velettà my skin is more hydrated. I’m not getting that nasty stripped feeling. I also didn’t notice the seasonal changes in my skin as I usually do. The feeling lasts all day and it has been a lifesaver during the ski season. My hands benefit also.

Velettà is fabulous for mid-century skin; the bags under my eyes reduce quickly in the morning which is when you really need to get going. Eye makeup can go on straight away and is also whipped off quickly at the end of the day.  I haven’t used foundation since starting Velettà has my skin tone is improved dramatically.


I have a healthy glow

I love the Cleansing Oil – it is so easy to use and my mascara comes off easily. I was a little bit worried about applying the Rejuvenation Oil all over my face as other oils can block my pores in the T-zone.  However, it is lovely to use.  I have managed to keep up the massage ritual which was very nice and relaxing. My skin feels softer and I'm sure it has a healthy glow, especially the neck and chest area.


Dry skin and redness gone

Velettà has made a big difference to my skin’s feel and appearance.

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Redness reduced

I have come off my antibiotics and found that my rosacea is managed by using Velettà Skincare. The redness is reduced and my skin is more even. 


Immediate changes

I think the Velettà products are truly brilliant. My skin is far more hydrated and the mask gave me a more balanced skin tone. The Rejuvenating Oil is great under makeup.

I saw amazing, immediate changes in my skin.


I am so in love with this range

I have been using the Cleansing Oil and the Rejuvenating Oil for about a month now. I am so in love with this range !! The Cleansing Oil is so effective in removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and hydrated. I have dry skin so the Rejuvenating Oil has made a huge difference to my skin over these dry winter months. They smell divine and I love the glass bottles!!!!


Perfect for sensitive skin

recently changed to the Velettà moisturiser, inspired by the Facebook posts explaining the natural oils. Having a sensitive skin and prone to rosacea the natural ingredients appealed - now I am hooked. Skin feeling less dry, calmer and smoother. 


Velettà products are beautiful

I have had a pretty basic skincare regime until now, but since trying the Cleansing Oil, I am a convert. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and hydrated. Quite simply the Velettà products are beautiful and smell so good. 

I am a huge fan!

I adore the scent and what Velettà Skincare does to my skin. It feels nourished, and my skin tone has evened out. I am a huge fan of these products. Mark my words, Velettà is going to reach cult status! 


My skin has never looked better.

I have been in the cosmetics industry for many years and have used many high-end products often with little success. After using Velettà’s fabulous oils and mask my skin has never looked or felt so amazing. These products will sell themselves. 


I am delighted with my Velettà skincare

My skin now has a healthy glow, a more vibrant appearance and fine lines are not as obvious. 

It is also an absolute pleasure to use because it smells so beautiful and acts as a great base layer to keep my powder foundation in place. 

There is so much to love about it. I'm now a very loyal fan.