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Benefits of Pilates

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 If you are someone who doesn't typically like high-intensity workouts, then Pilates might be something you could be interested in. This is because Pilates is all about controlled, slow movements, and while you might think this means that it is a laidback, relatively ineffective workout, this couldn't be further from the truth. The health and fitness rewards of Pilates are numerous, so whether you take it back to traditional with a mat, or use gravity for assistance, or even include equipment, you walk away feeling better for it from day one. However you like to approach Pilates, let's talk about some of the greatest benefits to this relatively niche workout.

  1. It’s a Great Muscle Toner

A lot of the time, people refer to Pilates as being a great exercise for long, lean muscles. This is because Pilates is great for working out your muscles and strengthening and stretching them at the same time. One benefit that a lot of people recognize is going into a Pilates session feeling tense and tight, and leaving it feeling a lot more loose and relaxed out the other side.

  1. It Gives You Abs

If you're someone who's always wanted to have abs, but you've never been able to achieve it, then you might want to check out Pilates. In fact, one of the most well-known Pilates moves is called the Hundred, and it is all about your abdominals. However, this isn't the only exercise in Pilates that is going to be effective on your core. In fact, most moves get you to stay properly aligned, and challenge your stability as you have to stay balanced, which of course helps with your midsection. This is why after just a few weeks of trying out a Pilates routine, the majority of people found that it had significantly improve their midsection.

  1. It Makes You More Flexible

Pilates has been a favorite not only of fitness enthusiasts everywhere for decades, but for professional dancers as well. This is because the workout is all about stretching and strengthening, which naturally results in increased flexibility. If you plan on getting into a dance routine anytime soon, or you're just hoping to regain some of the flexibility you had when you're younger, then Pilates is ideal.

  1. You Can Improve Your Posture

Again, like we mentioned above, a big focus of a Pilates workout is maintaining good balance and alignment. As you slowly move through all the exercises, it makes sense that making sure your core is aligned with your spine and everything else results in naturally good posture. Having strong abs, glutes, and back is not only going to look good, but it's going to keep your position upright throughout the day – no postures problems here.

  1. It Can Help with Aches

If you are someone who lives in chronic pain, and you don't want to risk putting your body through any kind of high-intensity exercise, then Pilates could be a safe haven. This is because the slow, balanced movements of Pilates can help relieve lower back pain, especially as it supports your core. Implementing Pilates regularly into your life can also help to prevent future injuries by increasing your mobility and flexibility.

  1. It’s Also Cardio

How many times have you been told by your personal trainer that you need to do more cardio during the week? Again though, you're not someone who is into all that high-intensity stuff, and you are looking for a more laidback approach to it all. The thought of being able to do cardio while lying on your back is a dream for many, and with Pilates you can realize this dream. No, it's not going to be the same as high intensity running intervals, but it's definitely going to give you the kind of cardio workout that you need on a basic level. If you want to try out Pilates for a cheat cardio workout, then we suggest that you use a reformer as the jump board allows for a few more energetic moves here and there. Either way, whether you choose to do it on a reformer or on a mat, you will still get that heart rate up.

  1. It Could Help You Lose Weight

Just like any kind of regular exercise out there, there's no reason why Pilates can't help you lose weight. It might be less intense than high intensity interval training, or swimming laps at your local pool, but if you implement it into your regular workout routine, it will definitely make a difference. Similarly to yoga, Pilates has shown to increase your heart rate, and get the blood flowing, which all contributes towards great weight management.

Taking Care of Every Aspect of Your Health

Here at Velettá, we strongly believe in taking a holistic approach to your health and well-being. We know that taking care of what's on the inside is just as important as taking care of what's on the outside, and we know that every aspect of our health is interconnected. This is why getting regular exercise is just as important as taking care of your skin and having a solid skin care routine that you can rely on.

Velettá Is a luxury, nourishing, 100% natural, New Zealand made, cruelty-free skin care range, that allows you to not only reap the rewards of great skin care, but to do so naturally. If you have sweated out all the toxins with Pilates this week, treat your face to our purifying mask, which can hydrate and nourish at the same time. We also suggest that you start your day out with our luxury cleansing oil, which you can use to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. We all need to take time out for our health now and then, so why not make it natural?

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