How to create the perfect base

How to create the perfect base

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The first steps  

The first two steps in creating a flawless base are exfoliation and cleansing because beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin.

Regular use of Velettà’s Purifying Mask will help you shed dead skin, smoothing the skin’s surface. Moreover, exfoliation evens out skin tone and gives a healthy glow. Cleansing ensures that there is no residual makeup or oil left on the skin.  Velettà’s facial Cleansing Oil removes oil and dirt without stripping the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. 

Hydration is key

After the skin has been well cleaned it needs to be moisturised. Providing the skin with more nourishment is essential because skipping this step may lead to a dry, flaking foundation. Essentially, the skin will absorb moisture from whatever is applied to it and if that is foundation then the skin will draw moisture from it resulting in a patchy finish.


At Velettà, we use both our Nourishing Moisturiser and facial Rejuvenating Oil to give nourishment and moisture to our skin prior to smoothing on foundation. Both products are perfect for this task and which you should choose depends on which texture you prefer. If using Velettà’s Nourishing Moisturiser, then a pearl-sized amount is ideal and if you are using our vegan facial oil then three to four drops will deeply hydrate and absorb very quickly.

Do you want to use a primer? 

If you want to use a primer apply it once your moisturiser or oil is absorbed. A primer is primarily designed to prolong the wear of makeup, but many primers are multifaceted; providing other, secondary benefits. There is a huge range to choose from including oil-controlling primers, hydrating primers, colour correcting primers and radiance primers. Apply this with your hands starting at the centre of the face and work outwards, if you are using an oil controlling primer be sure to target the t-zone given this is where oil tends to break through the makeup first. You can also try multi-priming your skin: for instance you can use an oil controlling primer through the centre of your face, with a radiance primer around the outside of the face or you might use a hydrating primer all over your face with a colour correcting primer layered on top in those areas you have more redness.

Which foundation to choose? 

It is important that you choose a foundation that will best suit your needs, that might be a tinted moisturiser, a powder or a liquid foundation. A tinted moisturiser or a powder will have less coverage than a liquid foundation but can usually be built up to achieve a medium coverage. If you are using a liquid foundation (or a tinted moisturiser) you should add a couple of drops of Velettà’s Rejuvenating Oil to it to create a dewier finish.

Apply it the correct way

Start applying your foundation of choice from the centre of your face and blend outwards, ensuring that it is blended down the neck to avoid any harsh lines around the chin. The key to a flawless foundation application is to try to use as little product as you can get away with and build up in areas that you feel you need extra coverage; this will prevent the foundation from looking cakey. It is a great deal easier to add more product to the face than to try to remove it once it has been applied. Foundations tend to be a thicker consistency than an under-eye concealer so rather than taking foundation right up under the eye, try stopping it short and only applying concealer under the eye; make sure this delicate skin is well hydrated.


If you choose a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturiser you may want to use a translucent powder over the top to keep the base in place for longer; this step is not mandatory but definitely helps prolong the wear of your makeup. These come in a loose or a pressed form, both do the same thing; it just depends on personal preference. When using a translucent powder try to use a small amount that has been pressed well into the brush, tapping off any excess. Apply it by pressing and rolling the brush onto the face so as to avoid moving the product underneath. You can also try only powdering certain areas of the face; through the t-zone, under the eyes and around the jawline. This leaves the top of the cheeks un-powdered creating dimension with the different textures on the face.

The final step

As a final step consider rehydrating the face after powdering by taking a rice grain amount of Velettà’s Nourishing Moisturiser  and warming it up between your hand and gently pressing over the face. This adds a gorgeous natural glow to the face so there is no need to apply highlighter.

All of Velettà’s products are vegan, halal-certified, natural and cruelty-free.

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have.



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