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Spotlight on Ingredients: Squalane (Plant Derived)

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At Velettà, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest about what we choose to include in our skincare products. We have to love what’s going into each product just as much as you do, which is why we take so much care in choosing our special formulas.

There are a lot of strange ingredients in the skincare industry that you may not know too much about. Even in natural skincare products like the Velettà range, ever now and then, you may come across an ingredient that you don't recognize, and you may even wonder why it's in there. In this article, we put the spotlight on one of those ingredients, squalane, and explain everything you need to know about this beneficial formula, including why we chose to include it in Velettà Youthful Glow AHA Radiance Treatment

Let’s take a look at plant-derived squalane, and why you’ll want to start using it on your skin.

What is Plant-Derived Squalane?

Squalane is a 100% natural substance that you'll actually find in your own body because we all naturally produce it. A lot of the time, though, our squalane levels decrease as we get older, which means that it's essential we find easy ways to restore these depletions in our lives from day-to-day.

While we are born with quite a high concentration of squalane in our skin, by the time we reach our twenties, our body begins to produce much less of it. This is why applying it topically through skincare products is so vital for our skin as it continues to age.

What Does Squalane Do For Your Skin?

Apart from being found in the human blood and skin, squalane can also be found in other things, like wheat germ, olives, and rice bran. For a long time, squalane was found and derived from sea shark livers, as people began to discover just how beneficial it was for their skin.

Don’t worry, though – all of our products here at Velettà are vegan and cruelty-free. This means that we make sure to derive our squalane from plant-based sources, making sure that we’re only including ingredients that aren’t harmful to animals or the planet.

When it comes to your skin, squalane is extremely hydrating, and it can also prevent your skin from losing moisture, which will get in the way of dermal suppleness. Because it is non-comedogenic, it is suitable for all different types of skin.


Taking Care of Your Skin with the Right Skincare

When you take care of your skin with the right skincare, not only do you look good, but you feel great on the inside as well. Squalane is an essential, naturally occurring substance in our bodies, but when we get older, we have to start relying on outside sources to make sure our levels don’t get too low. If you want to keep your skin hydrated and implement natural beauty products into your daily skincare routine, we suggest trying our Facial Cleansing Oil to get that morning routine started. Follow this up with our Nourishing Facial Moisturizer, and when you've had a busy day, and your skin needs a pick-me-up, try our Rejuvenating Facial Oil and our three times a week treatment: Youthful Glow AHA Radiance Treatment.

Because Velettà is a natural skincare company, we only want what's best for the community – and only including the very best ingredients in our products is a big part of that.


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