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The beginning

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Velettà Skincare blossomed from a tiny idea to a plan and then became a business, with a brand and products and customers. It hasn’t all been plain sailing (and it has taken an age) but it has been fantastic to learn new things and to work with people who are really good at what they do.

I had always loved good skincare and loved that skincare could be a daily ritual. But I found that with many brands, the grand promises were hollow and the results were disappointing. I wanted to produce something better. I wanted a brand where everything felt like a luxurious treat with beautiful boxes, gorgeous bottles and jars, a delicate scent and luxurious oils and creams. But I also wanted those that used it to see real changes in their skin, and for their best skin to be realised.

The Rejuvenating Facial Oil was developed first. I was already a facial oil covert but felt many of the oils on the market were a little soulless and less of a treat than a chore. I spent seemingly endless hours researching oils and essences and came up with a list that had the qualities and the properties I wanted in my ideal skincare. I then tried out various permutations; trialing, assessing, discarding and refining. When I found the perfect formula, I worked with Velettà’s chemist to hone the Rejuvenating Oil, to make it as efficacious as possible while being safe and calming for my annoyingly sensitive skin. Each product was developed the same way; bespoke formulas developed into products that are nurturing, natural and truly effective.

I have used Velettà products for over two years and my skin has never been better. It is hydrated, my skin tone is even, my skin is fresh and glowing, and I no longer suffer from breakouts. I can rely on my skin to be consistently good. My friends and family have been my testing panel, using the products for extended periods while giving me their feedback, and that has allowed me to hone Velettà and make it as good as it can be. I knew I was onto something when they began telling me that their skin was amazing, that people complemented them on their glow and when they kept asking for more samples.

I do hope you try Velettà and that you tell me what you think. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook or contact us here: or

x Sarah

24 April 2018

Velettà skincare 

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