Why Artificial Fragrance is Something to Avoid

Why Artificial Fragrance is Something to Avoid

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We all have a favorite smell. It might be our favorite flower or the smell of our favorite homecooked meal. It could even be our favorite perfume. Whatever it is, smell means a lot to all of us.

This is one of the many reasons that you’ll find artificial fragrance in a lot of beauty products in the cosmetics industry. While the smells may be charming, what’s lying underneath isn’t.

Let’s talk about why artificial fragrance is something you should be avoiding.

What are Artificial Fragrances?

Artificial fragrances are also known as synthetic fragrances, and they can be found in anything from skincare to washing powder and even cleaning products. They are a concoction of many toxic chemicals that are derived from either crude oil or petroleum, and a lot of the time, you won't even find the chemicals they're made from on the product label.

Whether you know what is in artificial fragrance or not, it usually includes chemicals like phthalates and aldehydes, which are both extremely toxic and harmful. Nevertheless, artificial fragrances manufacturers press on and continue to put their toxic cocktail of harmful chemicals into everyday cosmetics.

Why Are Artificial Fragrances in Beauty Products?

So, why do powerful beauty and skincare companies around the world insist on including artificial fragrance in their products, instead of natural alternatives? One word: profit. It's much cheaper for them to include scents that have been produced in a lab rather than scents that have been produced naturally.

The ironic part is, when you smell a skincare product that you find appealing, you get the impression that you're using luxury, high-quality products, when, in fact, you're relying on something that could potentially end up doing more harm than good.

How are They Harmful?

How are artificial fragrances harmful to your health and your skin? Artificial fragrances, unfortunately, have a long list of health issues that they’ve been connected with, from allergies and asthma to skin irritation, birth defects, and even cancer.

Again, what’s particularly frustrating about artificial fragrance is that a lot of the time, you can’t really be sure what it is because the label won’t typically go into too much detail about what it’s comprised of. This is why it’s best to avoid artificial fragrance altogether and opt for a much more natural approach to your everyday skincare routine.

Avoiding Artificial Fragrance in Your Daily Skincare

There are many reasons to choose natural fragrance over artificial fragrance for the health of your skin and body. Making a conscious choice to purchase natural, nourishing skin products that not only smell and feel good, but are good for you on the inside too can make a real difference. Veletta’s Facial Cleansing Oil is a plant-based, vegan, Halal-certified daily skincare product that’s made right here in New Zealand. Its natural list of ingredients effectively keeps the skin supple and clear, without the use of artificial fragrance. Follow your facial cleanse with Veletta’s Facial Moisturizer for optimal hydration, and finish your daily skincare regime off with a drop or two of our Facial Oil.


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