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3 Recipes that Use Beetroot

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3 Recipes that Use Beetroot

Beetroot – it’s purple, earthy, and a lot of the time, underrated. In New Zealand, you’ll often find it on an egg burger from your local fish and chip shop. Most of us tend to hide things like beetroot within dishes where other ingredients are the main event. However, there’s no reason why beetroot can’t be the lead actor in your upcoming dishes.

When it comes to nutritional value, beetroot has a lot to offer us. It is packed full of vitamins C and A and rich in iron and calcium, especially if you serve it up with the leaves. Beetroots also contain high levels of fiber to get that digestive system going, as well as potassium, folic acid, and manganese. With all the goodness that's hiding inside, it's about time beetroot took a front-row seat on your at-home menu. Let's take a look at three easy recipes that use beetroot.

  1. Burgers with Beetroot Hummus

One great way to complement a dish with beetroot without it becoming too overpowering is by turning it into hummus. If you plan on making Mediterranean for dinner, and you want to combine it with a couple of good ol’ fashioned burgers, consider using beetroot hummus as your relish.

Just throw a can of beetroot together with some chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, and you've got your very own homemade beetroot hummus. The best part is that you can eat what's left the next day for lunch on crackers with a bit of tomato or avocado. Getting creative with dips like this is a great way to implement more beetroot into your life.

  1. Beetroot Porridge

Who says that porridge has to be sweet all the time? While you might be used to drizzling honey or even maple syrup over your cooked oats in the morning, this is actually a great opportunity to create a more nutritious breakfast that can get your day started the right way.

With this recipe, they're mixing beetroot in with an apple and cranberry compote, so it isn't completely savory. Again, this is another excellent way to make sure that beetroot can now be a regular part of your diet, without having to make it the main event. If you want it to be the main event, try roasting a beetroot with an apple to make a somewhat sweet, somewhat savory fruit stew to serve on top of your oats.

  1. Beetroot Risotto

Who doesn’t love a warm, comforting risotto on a cold, wintery night? Perhaps you’re living stateside and just going into summer, and you need a warm dish to serve with that prosecco and a couple of chunks of ice.

Either way, introducing beetroot into an otherwise traditional risotto recipe is a great modern twist on an old favorite. The best part is, the beetroot stands out yet remains subtle at the same time, bringing a bright look to your meal without overpowering it. We all know that the goat's cheese and walnuts make this dish, and when it all comes together, you've got a meal you won't soon want to forget.

It’s All About What’s on the Inside

To maintain your physical health, you've got to look after what's on the inside, too. Our bodies work hard and holistically to create a beautiful rhythm that enables us to thrive. Here at Velettá, we believe that your diet is just as important as the products that you put on to your skin. After all, anything that you apply to your skin gets absorbed, so the body uses it in one way or another. This is why skincare products need to be nourishing, effective, and natural.


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