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4 Workouts to Try at Home


The world's all over the place right now with the global pandemic. While some of us have been given the green light to start our lives again, many are still stuck inside, twiddling our thumbs. Figuring out how to spend your time at home can take up more time than you've actually got. However, if you're determined not to let the at-home blues beat you, you might want to try and live life as normally as possible.

One way to do this is to still get regular workouts in. While you may be devastated that your gym is shut down for the foreseeable future, there's no reason you can't get moving while in lockdown. For holistic health and wellness, it's vital that we get regular exercise. Let's take a look at four workouts we think are worth trying at home during the coronavirus. They'll keep the blood flowing and your heart pumping, so you can come out the other side with a renewed vigor for life.

  1. If You’re Looking for a Way to De-Stress

Making sure that we're not getting too stressed while stuck inside is essential to not only keeping us physically in shape but mentally in shape as well. Each of us has a different financial outlook as a result of the virus, but we all have the choice to try and keep our stress levels down.

If you want something to do at home right now to keep you fit and reduce your stress, try meditation. While not all meditation requires you to move around a lot and burn a lot of calories, it can help you find your inner joy and peace. Reconnecting with that joyous inner self is crucial right now with everything going on outside.

  1. If You Want Something High Intensity

Perhaps you're used to working out at the gym in a big way. You get in there, and you don't stop until you drop. If you're someone who likes high-intensity workouts that get your blood flowing, then you might want to check out what's going on online with HIIT workouts.

HIIT is short for high-intensity interval training, and it is a form of exercise that involves high-intensity periods of exercise that can be both cardio and aerobic, followed by short recovery periods. If you've got the kids at home and don't have a lot of time to work out, this is a great way to get it done in a small amount of time.

  1. If You Want to Drag it Out

If you have more time on your hands than usual and you’re keen to try something different, why not have a go at Pilates? Pilates is a low-impact workout that is designed to strengthen your muscles, while at the same time improving things like flexibility and posture.

It’s kind of like yoga, just with a little more movement to it. Pilates is also known as being a killer core workout, so if you’re trying to work out specific areas of the body, like your stomach, this could be your at-home answer to getting that summer bod ready for the beach again.

  1. If You Miss Your Bike

Are you someone who used to get on their road bike at five in the morning and burn more calories before 9 a.m. than the rest of us combined? Well, in some parts of the world, you can still get out and get on your bike, but it depends where you are.

If you're not as lucky to be reunited with your workout machine yet, consider taking things inside. You can either get an exercycle or a machine that straps that beloved road bike in for an indoor ride. There are plenty of online spin classes that you can follow while you kill time right in your living room. This is a great way to bridge the gap between what you used to do to exercise and what you can do now.

We Prefer a Holistic Approach

When we say holistic, we mean a more generalized approach to your health and wellbeing. We believe that everything in our bodies is interconnected, which is why it’s so important to look after your physical and mental health at the same time. We also believe that when you’re healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside. Velettá is a luxury, everyday skincare range that's vegan, 100% natural, plant-based, and of course, cruelty-free. Our products are specifically designed with your health in mind and are nourishing, hydrating, and anti-aging, naturally. For a post-workout skincare treatment to close those pores up again, try our luxury Rejuvenating Oil. Once or twice a week to keep your face nice and supple once you drench it in sweat, apply our beautiful Purifying Facial Mask. When it comes to your health, try a balanced approach, and keep it as natural as possible.