How to Wear Red Lipstick

How to Wear Red Lipstick

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It’s no secret that all of us love the idea of pairing an evening dress with a bright red lip.

Adding a spontaneous element of allure to any evening outfit is desirable to us all. However, the reality can be quite different a lot of the time. For some of us, it can feel like we’re wearing way too much makeup, or that we're trying too hard with it – and it’s all over our teeth, anyway.

Pulling off red lipstick is easier said than done. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible – and if you have the right tools, you can make it effortless. Let’s talk about how to wear red lipstick.

  1. What Does the Rest of Your Makeup Look Like?

A key to getting away with red lippy during the day or in the evening at dinner is to match it with the rest of your makeup. While you might be in the mood to go bold and daring, most of the time, it's better to let your lipstick do the talking, and have everything else take a backseat.

For example, generally speaking, it's better to keep your eyeshadow muted when wearing a red lip. Natural, neutral tones are an ideal match when putting a lippy on. You also want to make sure that you've got the right blush tone. Here's a secret: you can wear red lipstick with a pink blush. You've just got to make sure that it's natural-looking enough. Don't overdo the blush, and you'll be fine.

  1. Make Your Lipliner Your Friend

If you spent the prime of your life in the 80s and 90s, then you might still be traumatized by those photos you’re in where your lipstick has faded away, only to leave a line around your lips from your lipliner.

This type of makeup faux pas used to happen more than it does now, but if you don't know how to use a lipliner to your advantage, you could find yourself reliving bad memories. Match your liner to your red lipstick, but instead of just drawing around the perimeter of your lips, color them in as well. This way, your lips will stay put, even if the lipstick on top fades away as the evening wears on.

  1. What Are You Wearing?

We’ve talked about how important it is to match your red lip with the rest of your makeup. However, it’s equally as important to spend a bit of time thinking about what you’re going to wear before you dive into red for the night.

Red is a bold statement, which means that it’s important to keep your clothes – and accessories – understated and simple. A lot of the time, a bold red lip can go perfectly with an all-black outfit. Other times, pair it with a plain white shirt. If you want to get really daring, you can even try to clash it a little bit with a different shade of red. Just don’t get too homogenous.

  1. Think About the Tone of Your Skin

Are you naturally fairer, or are you someone who manages to sport a tan even in the coldest winter months? Whether you’re lighter or darker skin toned, you’ll need to think about the shade of red you want to wear on your lips.

A blue-red lipstick is great for brightening up those teeth, while you can't go wrong with pairing an orange-red with a nice tan. The best part is that you can try them all until you find the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Get Bold and Beautiful, Naturally

There's nothing quite like brightening up your look with red lipstick – but you've got to know how to wear it to truly pull it off. Otherwise, you’ll be left with lippy all over your teeth, and a bold line around the outside of your lips that you sport for the second half of the evening. What about trying a lipstick with all day wear? 

Whichever way you choose to wear your red lipstick, make it natural. Here at Velettá, we believe in keeping things simple yet beautiful, naturally. We love all the different ways that you can wear a red lip with your skin tone, and we're here to make sure that you take care of it so that you can be looking your best at all times.


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