Three Recipes that Use Greens

Three Recipes that Use Greens

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We all know how good greens are for us – but making them delicious is another story entirely. While it’s getting easier and easier to enjoy your greens, if you don’t like them from the get-go, it’s going to be pretty tough to make them palatable.

With everything that's going on in the world right now, there's no time like the present to take care of ourselves on the inside and out. It's also a great time to dive into some new recipes and see if you can't transform how you see your greens. Let's take a look at three recipes that use greens, which could make a huge difference to your cooking repertoire – and your health, too.

  1. Green and Purple Smoothie

There’s simply no better way to incorporate greens into your diet than including them in your morning or afternoon smoothie, especially if you’re not partial to them in the first place. Smoothies are an excellent way to create a delicious, nutritious meal that you can have either at home or on the go.

There's never been a better time than right now to get creative with your blender, and see the different types of smoothie mixtures that you can come up with. This green and purple smoothie incorporate beet greens as well as beets, which is great if you don't generally like the taste of either. There aren't too many people who consider beets to be one of their favourite vegetables, so take your smoothie making to the next level with this unique and extremely healthy concoction.

  1. Crunchy Green Slaw

It’s pretty hard to beat a well made crunchy green slaw, and recipes like this are another way to sneak greens into your diet without having to sacrifice too much taste. Whether you are having friends over for dinner after all this is over, or you’re just trying to expand your list of go-to dinner recipes, this delicious slaw is easy to assemble, and full of everything that’s healthy when it comes to greens.

From kale to broccoli, and even cabbage, you’ll find everything you need in this lovely slaw recipe to keep you going through this tough time. It also goes great as a side dish to mains, too, so make a bunch of it at the beginning of the week and serve it on the side of two or three of your weekly mains.

  1. Arugula Salad

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get a salad just right, and if you haven't got the perfect combination of dressing and ingredients, it can turn out downright awful. Of course, a salad is one of the most obvious ways to get your greens, but again a lot of the time, they don't turn out quite the way that you'd expected.

This is why we love this Arugula salad – it lets the ingredients speak for themselves. This means that if you're someone who finds it hard to love your greens, it's a great way to try something new, and experience the vegetables in their best state. We love the delicious combination of arugula, beets, and pear, and think that the pear delivers the perfect amount of sweetness to cut through any bitterness that the arugula might bring.

Staying Healthy Holistically

Whether you like them or not, greens are an important addition to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The good news is, there's no reason why you have to suffer through your greens when there are so many delicious, creative recipes out there that not only make greens palatable but interesting and tasty, too. Here at Velettá, we believe in taking care of our bodies holistically. This means that we believe in taking care of ourselves both on the inside and the outside. 

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