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Spots and mature skin

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It’s never too late to get spots.

While you may think you're past the age of bad skin, unfortunately, it can flare up anytime, anywhere, especially if you've had trouble with it in the past. The surprising thing is, there could be a number of reasons why. 

Let’s take a look at why you may still be getting spots at your age.

Is It Hormonal?

If you used to get spots as a teenager, this would have been the result of hormones. Hormones can have a profound and sometimes lasting effect on the skin. For women, their skin can fluctuate over the course of their monthly cycle. As you get older, your body begins to produce less estrogen, which leads to pre-menopause and eventually menopause.

During this time in life, your skin is also prone to dryness, sensitivity, and spots. As your skin begins to produce less collagen, it gets thinner, which also increases the likelihood of lines. Depending on what stage you're at in life, those pesky spots could be the result of hormones changing and fluctuating as you age.

What About Your Diet?

As well as hormones, there are other reasons why your skin may be flaring up, including stress and inflammation. Inflammation sounds scary, but it’s not. In fact, it’s a natural process that the body goes through to help it heal and prevent further damage. It can develop into something harmful, however, if it’s left to become chronic.

 Your diet could be why you’re still getting spots at your age. This is because there are certain daily diet and lifestyle habits that can bring on acne and inflammation. Consuming high levels of sugar and processed foods can wreak havoc on your skin, leading it to produce too much oil which can cause dirt and impurities to get trapped.

 Trans fats can also be bad for your skin, as they have been shown to encourage inflammation, as well as negatively affect the endothelial cells found in your arteries. Other diet choices like alcohol and processed meat can cause inflammation in your skin, which may lead to a breakout.

 Perhaps it's time to try an anti-inflammatory diet. This could involve food that contains high levels of antioxidants and trying to stick to foods that aren't too processed. Antioxidants can help reduce the levels of free radicals in your body and your skin, a direct culprit of inflammation.

Does Your Skincare Regime Need a Tweak?

Your daily skincare regime may be a habit that you've long held onto, but if you're experiencing spots at your age, it could be time to change things up. To find an effective skincare regime, it's vital to get the balance right.

If you've got dry or problem skin, it may be time to try a new moisturizer, like our Nourishing Facial Moisturiser. This plant-based product is filled to the brim with hydrating, effective ingredients that are gentle on the skin. When treating your skin, it's crucial that you only choose the best ingredients. If you've been using a moisturizer that contains nasty chemicals, this could be having an adverse effect and causing spots to appear and old acne to flare up.

 You may also have an anti-aging skin care product in your everyday skincare regime to keep it looking youthful. Again, though, a lot of cosmetic companies out there that don't care about what goes into their skincare products. Unknowingly, you could be causing more harm to your skin, which could be why it's breaking out. Additionally, using nasty chemicals on aging skin will only accelerate the process. Veletta's Purifying Facial Mask is 100% natural and can help to fight against any signs of aging. Over time you’ll notice that your skin is more even in tone and radiant.

 Why Using Oils May Be the Key

There are many reasons why your skin may still be flaring up. From hormones to your diet and even that daily skincare regime, there are lots of things to consider when thinking about how to deal with spots later in life. Veletta’s Facial Cleansing Oil is naturally nourishing and can help remove makeup, impurities, and pollution that you've picked up throughout the day. This Halal-certified product is made in New Zealand and is cruelty-free. We recommend following this up with Veletta’s anti-inflammatory Rejuvenating Oil for an invigorating everyday pick-me-up. This powerhouse is full of essential oils that help hydrate problem skin.

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16 September 2019

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