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Dry skin, no problem!

What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin? One is a skin type and one is a skin condition. Neither should stop you from having glowing, beautiful skin. 

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How to choose the perfect red lipstick

Red lipstick always exudes classic beauty; however, the perfect red lipstick can prove elusive because with so many finishes, undertones and opaqueness’ it can be hard to work out which is the most flattering.

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Exfoliation - the key to fresh, young skin

It is important to exfoliate. Why? Fresh skin cells are produced in the skin’s deepest layer and take approximately 28 days to make it to the surface of the skin before falling off as dead skin. Unfortunately, as you get older, this process takes longer and so you need to exfoliate in order to see fresh, new younger skin.  

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